Please view the start list below. There are four lifting groups. The weigh-in times are fixed. However, on the day of the competition if the lifting sessions are ahead of schedule the start times will be earlier.

The food hut, will be open from 8am until 3pm, serving hot drinks, soft drinks and a range of hot and cold food / meals / snacks. Same as the previous Weightlifting Wales event, the Welsh Open, December 2022.


Please note the weigh in times below. All those under the age of 18 must wear their competition clothing during the weigh in (lifting suit or shorts and T-shirt), there is no exception to this rule. Footwear or equipment such as lifting belts are not to be worn. 

All Weightlifters (groups 1 and 2) must ensure they bring photo ID to the weigh in.


For those new to Powerlifting, please ensure you are aware of the commands used on the platform. If you do not follow the commands it will result in a no lift. 

Please check with your coaches.

The commands are : –

For the Squat – “Squat” = commence. “Rack” = completion 

For the Bench – “Start” = commence. “Press” = during. “Rack” = completion

For the Deadlift – no command for commence. only “Down” = completion

Squat Depth 

If you fail to reach an appropriate squat depth the lift will be failed, if you fail each lift then you will still be able to carry on and complete the Bench and Deadlift. 

Check your depth with your coaches.


At the weigh in, please ensure you know what your opening weights are, as these will be recorded.

Check with your coaches to decide on your opening weights.