Wellbeing Wednesday

Every Wednesday our volunteers offer the community of Pembrokeshire opportunities to access health, fitness, wellbeing and social interaction activities. 

Individuals who attend our wellbeing activities range from able bodied senior citizens, those looking to develop their wellbeing and to take part in exercise activities with others, wheelchair users and those with other physical impairment such as spinal injuries, spina bifida and Amputees, those suffering with mental health, those with low levels of activity and those suffering from loneliness. 

Individuals may access our wellbeing programmes via a referral from their associated charity, via Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services or self referral direct to SAW. 

Our volunteers are currently running sessions on Wednesday’s which include:-

Age Well – 09:30

Suitable for individuals aged close to 60 and over 60. Working in pairs and/or small groups, sessions are designed for participants to help and support each other through activities which promote / maintain:- 

  • Joint health
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Bone density
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscle wastage prevention  
  • Other common benefits from resistance exercise
  • Wellbeing
  • Social interaction and enjoyment

Ability Supported Fitness – 11:00

A referral programme for anyone who has found a commercial gym and commercial fitness classes not suitable for their needs. We cater for individuals with limited mobility, low levels of activity, recovery from injury, different types of impairment, mental health issues, loneliness and obesity for example. Friends and/or relatives may join in also, especially for the first few sessions, this helps to lessen the worry of attending and joining a new group.

Working in pairs, sessions are designed for participants to help and support each other through activities which promote develop health, fitness and wellbeing. Especially focusing on activities using a variety of equipment to develop joint mobility, joint stability, posture, strength and also pulse raising activities. 

General information 

To find out more / to book / to be referred please contact simon.roach@strengthacademy.wales or call 07913945501

Please feel free to being a friend to our Wellbeing activities 

Please complete our medical and consent form before attending 

Please take advice from your GP before taking part in our activities

The programme is open to individuals and groups who require health and well being support the most.

A booking must be made before attending

Our wellbeing programmes have been supported by 

Localgiving & Postcode Community Trust – Magic Little Grants 2020

South Hook LNG