We are planning forward, to put in place a Covid-19 recovery programme to support the local community in developing their health, fitness and wellbeing through 2021 and beyond.

We are looking at ways to take our successful work to the community and provide health, fitness & wellbeing activities for local groups, charitable groups and those who are in need of a health and wellbeing boost.

We aim to bring our work to areas of Pembrokeshire by planning an outreach programme to provide access to fitness and strength training activities which focus on working together, building relationships and improving wellbeing for people from all walks of life, ages and abilities.

We would like to hear from Pembrokeshire based groups and organisations, especially disadvantaged groups, vulnerable groups, senior generations and individuals/groups who need support post Covid-19.

Our expertise covers

Senior Citizen health and fitness 

Disability fitness activities 

Learning difficulty fitness activities 

Youth fitness and strength activities

Strength and health development 

Inclusive practice 

Wellbeing and social interaction 

Tackling Obesity

Multi-generational and family fitness

Raising levels of self-esteem and wellbeing

Through our work we have exceptionally strong evidence that individuals and groups

 Feel good

Make new friends


Become stronger, fitter and heather

Have improved mental health

The need and evidence we collect from interested groups will support a National Lottery funding submission. A successful application will secure two employed positions and other related aspects over a five-year period to implement a comprehensive outreach programme.

For further information and to be a part of this future programme please contact:

Outreach Volunteer: Chris Shousha  cjshousha@gmail.com 07873323144

Lead Volunteer: Simon Roach simon.roach@strengthacademy.wales 07913945501