Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7.30pm

A friendly welcoming atmosphere, good quality coaching and good levels of support and instruction. Open to all abilities. 

Exercises can be modified to suit a range of abilities.

Tuesday fitness Class:
This involves a variety of different workouts for you to complete in groups, individuals or as pairs! These classes involve a variety of circuits and kettlebell workouts, using a variety of equipment such as slam balls, barbells, battle ropes, kettlebells, body weight resistance and much more!! This class is more fitness based to help burn those calories 

Thursday strength class:
Strength training for females. All the positive health benefits you may of heard about from lifting weights properly!! This class will be beneficial to all women as it allows positive bone density to happen!! Don’t believe the rumour that you will get “big and bulky” it doesn’t work that way!!
Weight training will burn a high amount of calories for 5 hours following training, it is more effective weight loss than cardio!!! You will also tone up far quicker than any other form of exercise 

At our classes there is a great community feel and a really warm welcome. You will be training in a friendly, supporting environment.

Classes are coached by Chloe Hood, she is a young and inspiring GB level athlete. Classes are also supported by one of our Academy coaches, so you will receive the best instruction, support and advice.

Please book via our website