Through Dementia Action Week, we couldn’t think of a better time to announce the SAW Dementia Friendly Fitness group, beginning 9th June.

Weekly Wednesday sessions at 10.30am.

The sessions are free, booking is essential, details are below

A funded programme, in collaboration with PAVS Dementia Supportive Communities Connector, supported with Transformation Funding from West Wales Care Partnership.

The funding will enable a six month block of health and fitness activities for People Living with Dementia, their carers, families and friends.

Recent research studies have shown that exercise can…

Improve cognition;

Reduce the risk of falls by improving strength and balance;

May improve memory and slow down mental decline; 

Improve sleep;

Provides opportunities for social interaction and reducing the feeling of isolation;

Raises self-esteem;

Helps reduce anxiety or depression

And helps maintain skills for longer.

How to book

Download the BookFit app, search for Strength Academy Wales and set up your free account and book the session.

Or email for support and guidance

Or call 01437 957949