Ability Supported Fitness – Every Wednesday at 11am

A referral programme for anyone who has found a commercial gym and commercial fitness classes not suitable for their needs.

We cater for individuals with limited mobility, low levels of activity, recovery from injury, different types of impairment, mental health issues, loneliness and obesity for example.

Friends and/or relatives may join in also, especially for the first few sessions, this helps to lessen the worry of attending and joining a new group.

Working in pairs, sessions are designed for individuals to help and support each other through activities which develop health, fitness, wellbeing, encourage enjoyment and interaction through fitness activities.

We especially focus on activities using a variety of equipment to develop joint mobility, joint stability, posture, strength, muscle wastage prevention, balance, left/right imbalances and also pulse raising activities. 

To join

Either contact the PAVS team to be referred or contact us direct to self-refer