Three families competed in our inclusive event, the Pembrokeshire Strength Festival.

Team 2GW ( Two Generation Whalley) – Lotty Whalley aged 15 who is currently a Welsh Weightlifting champion and her Dad Simeon Whalley. 

Lotty Clean and Jerked 68kg, Deadlifted 100kg and her Dad Squatted 115kg and Bench pressed 90kg

Team Gibbs – Bleddyn Gibbs aged 14 competed in his first ever strength competition with his Dad Steffan Gibbs.

Bleddyn Squatted 75kg and Bench presses 62kg and his Dad Clean and push pressed 90kg and deadlifted 180kg.

The MacDougall Family, competed in different teams, with Mum Niki Deadlifting 100kg, Son Calum Deadlifting 235kg and daughter Maria squatting 78kg.

We encourage families to train with us at Strength Academy Wales, in an inclusive environment where people of all abilities can achieve.

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