There were three gold medals for the Strength Academy Wales team at the British Age Group Championships at the Oldbury Academy in September.

From the seven lifters who went to the West Midlands, Chloe Hood, Seren Michell, and Dan Davies notched wins, while James Hart and Lotty Whalley won silver medals.

“Everyone prepared really well and we were all extremely proud of the outstanding character and sportsmanship the Pembrokeshire weightlifters showed,” said SAW head coach Simon Roach.

Some club members will now target a series of other international events and Welsh and British honours, including in the European Championships in 2020.

Results of SAW lifters:
Lotty Whalley (u15 55kg cat) 50kg snatch and 72kg clean and jerk – silver.
Niamh Roach (u20 59kg cat) 54/66 – fourth.
Dan Davies (u15 61kg cat) 66/83 – gold.
Mena Williams (u15 64kg) 47/62 – fourth.
Chloe Hood (u20 71kg) 71/87 – gold.
Seren Mitchell (u15 76kg cat) 48/63 – gold.
James Hart (u20 96kg cat) 112/138 – silver.