Schools Programme

The programme aims to develop the fitness, health and wellbeing of youths in Pembrokeshire, tackling obesity and providing opportunities for pupils to learn how to train properly and safely in a supportive environment which promotes social interaction and an ethos where everyone succeeds regardless of background or ability.

Individuals learn values of respect of self and of others, being inclusive, giving back and helping others, discipline, commitment and a good work ethic.

Pupils learn how to train smart for sport and for health while interacting socially through training sessions.

Sessions focus on developing healthy and positive relationships with exercise and include:-

  • How to support and help your training partner and others in the group
  • Advice on training and encouragement to eat healthily
  • Gaining knowledge about basic coaching skills and gym safety
  • How to identify and correct problems with technique
  • Finding a healthy balance between sport, training, education and time to socialise.
  • Mobility training
  • Technical development
  • Strength exercises
  • Weightlifting exercises
  • Body weight exercises
  • Conditioning exercises to improve joint stability
  • Conditioning exercises to balance left and right strength imbalances
  • Core strength, abdominals and trunk exercises

We encourage a healthy balance between sport, training, education and time to socialise. We encourage members to train smart and to balance their lifestyle. 

Coaches, volunteers and our members themselves create a supportive and friendly environment where the development of the person is just as important as developing athletes and their fitness.

The way we train allows and encourages members to interact socially and make friends. We encourage our members to train with a partner and help each other through training sessions, especially supporting each other with coaching cues and motivation.

Our younger members continue to develop in confidence, develop their well-being and they most definitely interact more socially.

We offer an enjoyable way to exercise, a fantastic way to make friends and benefit socially.