Training at SAW

We offer a friendly and supportive environment, where individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can exercise and socialise with the confidence in knowing that no member nor volunteer or coach will judge those taking part.

You will train along side an extremely diverse groups of members. 

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  • We run an open gym system where there is always a coach available to help and support you
  • There is a really sociable and friendly environment, we are open to all
  • We also run a variety of fitness classes
  • With our affordable membership, you can train as many times as appropriate each week
  • New members receive one – to – one coaching
  • We have a wide variety of members; younger, older, Male, Female, boys, girls, members training for health, fitness and well-being, others training for Sports performance, Weightlifters and Powerlifters.
  • Members have free use of the Athletics track.
  • There is a good atmosphere in the gym – members encourage each other – especially those who are new to strength training
  • The coaching staff have a lot of experience and are well qualified.
  • Coaches are always willing to help

There are also opportunities for all members to become involved with coaching, officiating and other volunteer roles, within both the sports of Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting. SAW has inplace a development programme to educate and qualify members in these roles and to support their development.

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